PostgreSQL Tutorial: Indexes

June 10, 2024

PostgreSQL indexes are effective tools to enhance database performance. Indexes help the database server find specific rows much faster than it could do without indexes.

However, indexes add write and storage overheads to the database system. Therefore, using them appropriately is very important. In this section, we will show you how to work with indexes more effectively in PostgreSQL.

  • Create Index – shows you how to define a new index for a table.
  • Drop Index – guides you on how to remove an existing index.
  • List indexes – shows you how to list all indexes in the PostgreSQL database.
  • Index Types – discusses various types of indexes in PostgreSQL.
  • Unique Index – provides you with steps of defining unique indexes.
  • Index on Expression – shows you how to define an index based on expressions.
  • Partial index – illustrates how to use partial indexes.
  • Reindex – shows you how to use the REINDEX statement to rebuild one or more indices.
  • Multicolumn Indexes – shows you how to use multicolumn indexes to speed up queries with various conditions in WHERE clause.
  • Full Text Search – Show you how to use the GIN index to enable full-text search in PostgreSQL.
  • JSON index – Learn how to index a JSONB column for enhanced query performance.