Database Compatibility and Selection Suggestions

By John Doe March 26, 2023

Database compatibility is critical to the success of a database product, and it can even make the difference between life and death for a database product. The problem of database compatibility is essentially a problem that software products will have.


Why is compatibility so important?

When a software product is accepted and popular by users, it will make users form habits to its use and gradually adapt to its product concept and operating characteristics. When you get used to using Microsoft’s Windows operating system, you are not very accustomed to using Apple’s Mac OS operating system; When you get used to using Microsoft office software, it is difficult to accept other companies’ office software products.

The characteristics of these software products also exist in the database products, and users who are accustomed to using Oracle will be very unaccustomed to using MySQL. As open source databases like PostgreSQL became more popular among software developers, it was hard for these developers to embrace products like Oracle.

Product characteristics and compatibility

In human society, when an actor or singer becomes popular, there will be a star effect, so that many people want plastic surgery to look like her. Software products are the closest form of products to living organisms, and when a software product becomes popular, it will also give birth to other similar products that try to be compatible with it.

Everyone knows that plastic surgery can only change the face, but the inner characteristics are difficult to replicate. Similarly, for database products, it may be basically compatible at the SQL syntax level, but the complete functional features and internal operating mechanism of the system are also difficult to copy, and the surrounding ecology such as supported tool components and application software is even more difficult.

Suggestions for selecting databases

For application software developers, some suggestions for selecting a database product:

  • Adopt the access interface of mainstream database products;
  • Product compatibility should be related to the characteristics of the product;

Only such a database product can ensure that the foundation of your application software is stable.