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E.312. Release 7.2.3

E.312.1. Migration to Version 7.2.3
E.312.2. Changes

Release date: 2002-10-01

This release contains a variety of fixes for version 7.2.2, including fixes to prevent possible data loss.

E.312.1. Migration to Version 7.2.3

A dump/restore is not required for those running version 7.2.*.

E.312.2. Changes

  • Prevent possible compressed transaction log loss (Tom)

  • Prevent non-superuser from increasing most recent vacuum info (Tom)

  • Handle pre-1970 date values in newer versions of glibc (Tom)

  • Fix possible hang during server shutdown

  • Prevent spinlock hangs on SMP PPC machines (Tomoyuki Niijima)

  • Fix pg_dump to properly dump FULL JOIN USING (Tom)