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16.2. Requirements

In general, a modern Unix-compatible platform should be able to run PostgreSQL. The platforms that had received specific testing at the time of release are listed in Section 16.6 below. In the doc subdirectory of the distribution there are several platform-specific FAQ documents you might wish to consult if you are having trouble.

The following software packages are required for building PostgreSQL:

The following packages are optional. They are not required in the default configuration, but they are needed when certain build options are enabled, as explained below:

If you are building from a Git tree instead of using a released source package, or if you want to do server development, you also need the following packages:

If you need to get a GNU package, you can find it at your local GNU mirror site (see for a list) or at

Also check that you have sufficient disk space. You will need about 100 MB for the source tree during compilation and about 20 MB for the installation directory. An empty database cluster takes about 35 MB; databases take about five times the amount of space that a flat text file with the same data would take. If you are going to run the regression tests you will temporarily need up to an extra 150 MB. Use the df command to check free disk space.