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36.37. role_udt_grants

The view role_udt_grants is intended to identify USAGE privileges granted on user-defined types where the grantor or grantee is a currently enabled role. Further information can be found under udt_privileges. The only effective difference between this view and udt_privileges is that this view omits objects that have been made accessible to the current user by way of a grant to PUBLIC. Since data types do not have real privileges in PostgreSQL, but only an implicit grant to PUBLIC, this view is empty.

Table 36.35. role_udt_grants Columns

NameData TypeDescription
grantorsql_identifierThe name of the role that granted the privilege
granteesql_identifierThe name of the role that the privilege was granted to
udt_catalogsql_identifierName of the database containing the type (always the current database)
udt_schemasql_identifierName of the schema containing the type
udt_namesql_identifierName of the type
privilege_typecharacter_dataAlways TYPE USAGE
is_grantableyes_or_noYES if the privilege is grantable, NO if not