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36.20. domain_constraints

The view domain_constraints contains all constraints belonging to domains defined in the current database. Only those domains are shown that the current user has access to (by way of being the owner or having some privilege).

Table 36.18. domain_constraints Columns

NameData TypeDescription
constraint_catalogsql_identifierName of the database that contains the constraint (always the current database)
constraint_schemasql_identifierName of the schema that contains the constraint
constraint_namesql_identifierName of the constraint
domain_catalogsql_identifierName of the database that contains the domain (always the current database)
domain_schemasql_identifierName of the schema that contains the domain
domain_namesql_identifierName of the domain
is_deferrableyes_or_noYES if the constraint is deferrable, NO if not
initially_deferredyes_or_noYES if the constraint is deferrable and initially deferred, NO if not